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American College Students


Three words to describe an average college student’s life:  Busy. Busy. Busy.  Caffeine becomes your new best friend, and your cell phone calendar is buzzing and beeping with project due dates, recreational activities, exams, and dorm meetings. Throw in social activities and you kick into overload!

Yet somehow, even in the midst of all this busyness, there is often a sense of emptiness.  Is this all there is?  Are my college years going to end with nothing to show but a few laughs and a piece of parchment paper?  Turning the page to the future and a new career is definitely important, but did you make a difference?

No one wants to see those four or more years spent on the college campus focused totally inward – your OWN needs, you OWN desires, your OWN goals.  Did you make a difference for someone ELSE?

Most relationships start spontaneously and rather accidentally.  A few – the most special friendships – start intentionally.  Your campus likely has a group where friendships with foreign students are formed intentionally.  They seek out those like an international student from VietNam, who was standing in the middle of the hall looking around.  “Can I help?”  That girl from Japan sitting alone in the cafeteria looking bewildered at her chemistry textbook. “May I sit here?”  The guy from China furiously taking notes in Accounting 101. “How about a Coke?” as you walk out of class.

International students need friends. They long to experience American culture and make American friends.  Students from their own country gather, but it doesn’t help them improve their English skills.  Many are just one invitation away from a church picnic, a family Thanksgiving, or a game of ultimate Frisbee.

You can make a difference.  Reach out to an international student and you will experience an entirely new dimension in your college years.

To find if there is a campus ministry at your school where programs and activities intentionally reach out to international students, click on your state and make a phone call.  We can help you connect.  And make a difference.




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