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Campus ministries from across the country are eager and willing to reach out to international students, and often the only thing holding them back is time and money.  We understand the 24/7 schedules of campus ministers jam packed with discipling, large group teaching, mission trips, community service projects, retreats, and lots of social activities.  How can you possibly fit in an entirely new ministry outreach?

Crossroads can help!  If you have the passion to reach internationals as we do, we can partner to assist you in raising funds to hire full time or part time staff, or add an intern whose focus will be 100% on international outreach.  Churches in your area or in cities across the country without college campuses are willing to help in providing funds if you are willing to commit to this ministry.

Because of the time and patience required in working with students from other cultures, this is not something you can just plug in with existing staff and hope it works.  Be prepared for lots of work and countless rewards!  International students are hungry for American friends, and desperately want to learn more about our culture as they struggle to improve their English conversational skills.  Do you know most international students return home with the degree without ever entering an American home?

We will help you set up relationships with area churches who want to provide trained host families to assist your ministry in this outreach.  Many American students are also sitting in the background looking for a way to make a real difference on their campus and in this world.  How better than to offer opportunities to become friends with international students, take one or more home for Thanksgiving with his family, or catch a movie and cup a coffee some night.

Most international students come from influential families and will return home into prominent positions in their country.  Government officials, military leaders, businessmen and women.  Now imagine sending them home as believers in Jesus Christ.  Your effort in reaching out with the love of Jesus presents an opportunity of waving goodbye at graduation to not only a great friend, but to a missionary returning to his own country.

If you want more information on how you can partner with Crossroads to create or build an international outreach within your campus ministry, Crossroads Ministry Facilitator is Greg Swinney.  He will be happy to talk about the things your ministry can do to get started as a ministry affiliate.  Reach him conveniently by email at greg@crossroadsinternational.net where he can set up a teleconference call with you and your staff.



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