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How we need you!  If you live in the same vicinity of a community college, state college, trade school, or university, you can do a number of things to support our efforts to reach international students.

  • Prayer, Prayer, Prayer!  Could you hold us up in prayer?  We need those divine appointments with both international students and American students desiring to connect in genuine friendships.

  • Host families are such an important dimension to the life of an international student.  We need families willing to take a student to lunch after church, invite them to a family picnic, share a holiday tradition like Christmas or Easter in your home with your family.  Sadly, many international students spend their college years in the United States without ever entering an American home.

  • There is more than saying “Yes” to becoming a host family.  We need churches willing to hold informational and training classes on what it means to be a host family, how to interact with one from a totally different culture, and critical information to make these relationships solid and special for all involved.

  • We need campus ministries to come on board as international ministry affiliates with Crossroads, which may mean adding a staff person or intern to work solely with internationals.  With more staff, it means funding to support salaries and ministry expenses.  Meet with your church’s Missions Team to see about adding Crossroads to their list of missionaries supported on a regular basis.

  • Some things as simple as getting a ride to Wal-Mart mean so much to international students.  Would a few people in your congregation be willing to commit to one hour every Friday just picking up some students and spending time with them in a grocery or department store?

  • One of Crossroads’ objectives is to become a major resource for training materials for campus ministries across the country.  Teaching international students may be intimidating for some, and we want to put them at ease by providing materials for both training the campus ministers as well as Bible study leaders.  Publishing these materials will require financial support from churches across the US.  Your Missions Team can help by partnering with us in this important outreach.

There are many other ways you can help depending on the level to which you want to be involved.  Each church is different in their ability to support Missions.  Crossroads Ministry Facilitator is Greg Swinney, and he will be happy to talk about the things your church can do to partner with us.  Reach him conveniently by email at greg@crossroadsinternational.net where he can set up a teleconference call with your minister or your Missions Team leader.




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