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International College Students


Are you looking for new friends?  Would you like to practice your English conversational skills?  Are you one who enjoys a home-cooked meal with food from your own country?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, we have a place for you!  There are groups on your college campus where American students and American families want to get to know you.  You can learn about American culture while you are showing them your country’s culture.  Students like to invite international students to go home with them for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.  No one wants to sit in a dorm alone or eat by themselves, and we all want to make new friends.

You can also have the opportunity to meet other international students from all over the world.  They gather to share home-cooked meals and learn together about the Bible and Christianity in a way you can understand.

And of course we laugh together!  Lots of fun activities sightseeing around the state, finding out what Americans do at Halloween, discovering new food at holiday meals, and most of all, having new friends with whom you can share your life.  You will enrich the lives of other students and American families.

If you are lonely and miss your family, an American family is just waiting to include you in their family.  Some have pets, some live on farms, some work in cities – and they want to know you just as much as you want to know them.  Maybe even more!  They and their children are curious about your culture just like you are curious about their culture.

Won’t you find the campus ministry at your college where you can join in on all these things?  Just click on the state where you lives on the big map of the United States, and you will find a phone number to call.  You will be connected with someone who can help you find a group like these.



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